A tree for your neighbourhood​ is now over 
We will come back next spring !

Trees will be available from 13th october

Everything about our trees

All the fruit trees offered as part of the “A tree for my neighborhood” campaign are 4 years old. Thus, many will bear fruit very quickly (within 1 to 2 years depending on the species and variety). Fruit trees are approximately 150 to 200 cm* height depending on the variety.

Important: Some fruit trees are not self-fertile, they need a tree of the same species around. Check our informations pages to know the fertility of your tree. 

As for regular trees, they are about 2 years old and measure between 150 to 200* cm in height, depending on the variety. The height, width and the port of mature trees are indicated in each information page.


* Approximate height at delivery.

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