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You want to plant a tree, but you don't know which variety to choose?

Please consult our section How to choose the right tree.


All fruit trees offered as part of the "A Tree for My Neighborhood" campaign are 4 years old. Therefore, several of them will soon be able to bear fruits (within 1 to 2 years, depending on the species and variety). Fruit trees are normally about 170 to 200 cm high and the diameter of their trunk is of approximately 30 mm, depending on the variety chosen.


Non fruit bearing trees are normally about 2 years old. These are between 150 and 200 cm* high and their trunk measures between 20 and 30 mm* in diameter, once again depending on the species chosen (* the exact measurements will be available once your local eco-quartier/borough receives the trees). The height, width and growth habit of mature trees are indicated on the fact sheets describing each tree variety.

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