Pick-up your tree

15th october - 4pm to 7pm

16th october - 2pm to 5pm

Garden In the course of agriculture: it is located between the streets Berri, Lajeunesse, Sauvé and Leuven (the entrance of the garden is on the street Berri)


Tel:  514 447-6228


Delivery service is available :

20$ for a tree, 5$ per any additional tree. Plantation is also available, 65$ per tree.

You can choose and pay this service with your online order.

To pick-up your tree :

18th june 2020 from 1PM to 9PM

19th june 2020 frome 1PM to 9PM

Be sure you have chosen the right tree for your garden. 

On tree's specification sheet you will find the space requirement from power line, you can also check if your tree will fit with space requirement from municipal infrastructures (sidewalk, pavements, street lights,...)

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